Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Calling all dog lovers ...

... you really, really have to go and see Isle of Dogs, Wes Andreson's fabulous new movie.

My son Emi, who's really big on dogs (Hello WonderDog!) and making stop-motion movies on his computer, insisted that we simply had to go and see it. So we went to see it over the sizzling bank holiday weekend, and it was sensational. Set in the near future in the (made up) Japanese city of Megasaki it tells the story of the dependable decency of dogs and their unwavering commitment to their human partners. It's a heart-warming tale that all dog-lovers will enjoy, told using painstaking stop-motion animation. It's a visual feast that never verges on being sweet or schmaltzy; the story line is quirky and full of humour.  And apparently it all kicked off in Anderson's creative mind when he saw a sign, here in London, for our very own Isle of Dogs.


Bonny x

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  1. This sounds like something Lorelei would like...