Friday, 17 January 2014

Wibble wobble jelly on a plate …

There’s something incredibly satisfying about a good, old-fashioned jelly on a plate. Don’t you agree? It sort of adds an air of celebration to a very modest after-dinner treat.


See what I mean? It looks like I went to a bit of an effort, whereas in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Jelly is a doddle to make with one of those jelly-cube jobbies that you simply dissolve in water, leave in the fridge for a bit, and then love the result.

Emilio, my son, is particularly enthusiastic about jelly. He’s got an egg-allergy, which tends to rain a lot on his pudding parade. However, one thing that he can (and does) enjoy is jelly.

My Mum and Dad recently gave me these wonderful old jelly moulds. I’ve had fun making regal-looking jellies with them for Emilio and his friends. We had a sleepover in our house with three of his best friends at the beginning of the month. After dinner the boys had ice cream and jellies made up in their team colours, which went down a treat.

One trick that I’ve learnt is to coat the mould in some cake-release spray so that the jelly comes out a bit easier. Alternatively you could use a sweet-tasting oil, such as almond oil, to coat the tin, or you could dip the mould quickly into some hot water to loosen it up around the edges if it’s being stubborn about coming out – just be careful not to leave it in the hot water for too long or to get any of the hot water into the jelly, otherwise it’s liable to go pear-shaped.

It’s a really simple, easy, every-day treat that helps brighten up the January gloom. Go on, have a go, and make a little person smile. 

Bonny x

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