Wednesday 20 August 2014

Corfe Castle and the Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset

Yesterday I wrote a post about the very lovely Corfe Castle on the Isle of Purbeck. If you haven't read it you can read it here: Corfe Castle and Lady Mary's Last Stand

If you happen to visit Corfe I have the perfect place to go afterwards for a spot of lunch: the Scott Arms in Kingston, up on the hill overlooking the castle.

The Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset
The Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset

I am a great fan of the traditional English pub, where the food is honest and wholesome, the menu is unpretentious, the staff are friendly, and dogs and children are not just tolerated, but are positively welcomed. It's a great institution that has, for centuries, been at the very heart of our national life. And the Scott Arms is a great pub in that great tradition.

One of the very best things about it is the view from the terraced garden out the back.

View from the Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset
View from the Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset

Isn't that a magnificent outlook to enjoy whilst you down a glass of cider?

And speaking of cider there aren't many food miles involved in getting a glass of the good stuff to this particular watering hole. It's made just down the road, and it's delicious.

Joe's cider is a winner. It's a still cider, made from local apples, and if you're on Purbeck you'd be crazy to drink anything else. I have a preference for dry rather than sweet cider, and the glass (or two) that I enjoyed were just perfect.

With our glasses charged we sat outside in the sunshine, enjoying Joe's wonderful brew and drinking in the view. The garden is fragrant with the blossoms of Rosa Rugosa, or Japanese Rose, which makes up a hedge around the lawn.

Playing on the connection with their namesake, Kingston, Jamaica, they've got a jerk shack in the back garden where they barbecue food for their guests.

The Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset

We started off with a couple of platters from the Chesil Smokery, also in Dorset, which bills itself as the hottest little smokery in the West. The charcuterie and fish were delicious. Coming from Ulster where we have a strong tradition of smoking our food, I adore smoked meats and fish, and I have to say that these selections were exquisite. If you'd like to find out more about the smokery, you can check out its website here: Chesil Smokery.

Our party were still pretty ravenous after our morning romping around down at the castle so we ordered their wonderful succulent beef burgers and chips. Verdict: fabulous.

Our friends insisted that we try the local Purbeck Ice cream. In particular they recommended the caramel and sea salt flavour. Once again it's made a few doors down from the pub, and once again it's a wonderful, wonderful local product. The deep and profound silence that comes with food being consumed and greatly appreciated descended on the table as we all tucked in. Verdict: it's totally worth getting fat for!

And then we enjoyed our coffees and relaxed back into our chairs to admire the view some more. Let's face it you'd never get bored with that view!

If you'd like to check it out or make a reservation, the website for the Scott Arms is here: Scott Arms

The Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset
The Scott Arms, Kingston, Dorset

And if you're up in Kingston, check out the lovely parish church of St. James. It's a bit of a beauty too. In fact, you can see its great square tower from the castle, which gives you a useful landmark to navigate towards if you're not sure how to get up the hill to Kingston.

All the best for now,

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  1. Dorset is a beautiful county ! I too love the pubs and the good food they serve !