Monday 15 September 2014

Password Vault

Last weekend my life was transformed; something miraculous happened over here at Talk-a-Lot-Towers. 
In the old days - i.e. before the weekend - I used to spend hours fiddling around trying to remember my passwords. And let’s face it everything needs a password these days: Facebook, Twitter, your bank, your mobile phone account, Moonpig if you want to order a birthday card … and so the list goes on.
My system for password control - pre-miracle - involved a muddled collection of post-its, notebooks and arcane prompts, cunningly written in such a cryptic fashion that, when I came back to them, I could never figure out what I’d been on about in the first instance. As a result I spent a lot of my time feeling mildly bad-tempered and hopelessly locked out of my own systems. 
Then I’d get worn down with not using the same password for everything so that my passwords became an impossible exercise in playing with a theme and remembering what the difference was from one account to another. T-e-d-i-o-u-s. I was getting tied up in so many knots. The one person that my security was defeating was the person whom it was supposed to be protecting. 
Anyway, I moaned to my good friend Akie - over one of his very splendid barbecue lunches - about my problems. He listened sympathetically, as a good friend would, and then suggested I try an app called pwSafe to keep all my passwords nice and secure on my computer. 
And bingo! Geronimo! My life was transformed by one simple app. It’s brilliant. You just record all your passwords in the vault, and then, when you click on each separate account, it takes you right through and logs you in. Marvellous! The only password I need now is the one to get me into the password vault … which is still a challenge … duh! ... but much less of a challenge than before. 

You can find it here: pwSafe
So far it’s been a genius solution to all my woolly-headed password problems. Thank you Akie!
All the best,
Bonny x


  1. Thanks Bonny for the info on that password app....I'm going to try to set that up tonight...
    Thanks also for your lovely comment on my beach blog special.

    1. Good luck with the app, Cheryl. It's a big help. All the best and thanks for stopping by, Bonny