Friday 6 March 2015

TGI Friday ... 5 Random things ...

Yippee it's Friday ... and the sun is shining ... and tomorrow the mercury is promising that it will push its way up to 14ºC up here in the Big Smoke.

I think Spring may finally have sprung! And not a moment too soon in my book. I so dislike those cheerless grey days of January and February, but now we're into merry old March,  the sap is rising and I'm feeling so much better. There's something to be said for having more daylight as the days lengthen, and there's a lot to be said for the gentle caress of the sun on your face when you venture out of doors.

So, without further ado, here are five random things that have rocked my world this week.

1. Spring Flowers

I'm really enjoying the spring colour that's gently pushing its way through all the drab greyness of winter. Yesterday I collected a whole bunch of lovely blooms for my flower press, and they made my heart skip happily in the bright sunshine. If you'd like to read about flower pressing I've written about it here: Making a Mother's Day Card; and How to press flowers at home.

If you love flowers, pressing is a great way to spread the joy throughout the year. It's such a kick to use your pressed flowers in the grey of winter to spread a little colourful, flowery cheer on cards, book marks or even to compile a pressed bloom journal of all the wonderful colour that grew in your garden the year before.

2. Emi's a girl in the school play

Now this is well to the west of weird in my book: my very boyish son is playing a lady in the school play. His school is all boys so there's always an issue about who plays the female parts. They're staging a version of the Pied Piper and little Emi has been cast as one of the mothers who loses a child. He says he got the part because the Master asked him if he'd mind being a girl, and he said that he'd be happy with any role they gave him. We've had to buy him a dress (weird and getting weirder), and kit him out with a lady's wig and a shawl (off-the-scale weird). When I finally get over myself and stop saying weird  I'm going to embrace the positive and feel happy that he has the self-confidence to feel comfortable playing that part.

3. Slinky Paws, the bandit squirrel, appears to have died through over-consumption of fat balls!

My nemesis, old Slinky Paws, has been conspicuously absent since Monday when he gorged on 3 huge fat balls that I'd hung up for the birds. In my last dispatch from the front I mentioned how the battle lines had been drawn following the Wonder Dog's disastrous encounter with Slinky's left-overs. 
Slinky in action
4. The Wonder Dog has made a remarkable recovery

Happily (for both of us) the Wonder Dog's digestive tract has now fully recovered and he's back to normal service. 

It was SO not my fault!

5. I'm sharing my garden with a goldfinch!

In Slinky's absence I've fallen in love with a little goldfinch who drops by from time to time for some seed. Isn't he just the most adorable little chap?

When I was upping my game against the Slinkster with some squirrel-resistant feeders I bought one that will only dispense seeds to the smaller feathered fraternity, which I'm going to keep stocked up with niger seed for the finches. Apparently they go nuts for niger seed.

And finally I'd like to say Welcome Back! to Nancy at a Rural Journal, who's come back from her sabbatical to resume her Friday Blog Hop. We've missed you Nancy; it's good to have you back.

All the best for a lovely weekend,

Bonny x

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  1. Well done Emi for being confident enough to take on the role. I'm with you on the grey weather but today in Taunton the sun is shining hooray ! Have a great sunny weekend..

  2. Good for Emi! I agree with Viv -- a confident young man. Your pressed flowers are lovely. My Granny must have pressed flowers ... I would find one every now and then in a cookbook of hers! Glad the Wonder Dog is recovered. Happy Friday!

  3. Great post. Your son is a good sport and will be very convincing in that outfit. One of our dogs just had a blockage and it cost me a fortune...just glad she is ok. I have a studio and teach art here at our farm. Last year we did a lot with pressed flowers and I was amazed by how they were used, so beautiful.

  4. What a wonderful set of randoms Bonny -- and kudos to Emi for stepping up the the acting plate! Love the costume and the goldfinch. xo

  5. Must be not very amusing for a boy to play a girl, lol ! I am also so fed up of winter, no flowers in view yet. The squirrel is too cute ! Good that your dog is feeling better !

  6. glad wonder dog is feeling better and i love that your son is confident for his role...good luck to him...beautiful pressed flowers...i should try that! lol at that squirrel!

  7. You found beautiful colored flowers to press. I am a little jealous you are finding flowers outside right now. :) I agree with Viv and Snap, your son is a very confident young man, I hope the play goes well. I am glad the Wonder Dog is feeling better.

  8. Oh those flowers are gorgeous! Your son is a good sport, and he makes a pretty convincing looking female. Poor Slinky Paws, I hope he is just laying low somewhere recovering like Wonder Dog!

  9. What lovely spring flowers, Your temps still aren't very warm though. Well I think it's great that your son is comfortable enough to be able to play a "female" role in a play. Way to go.
    Oh I do hope the squirrel didn't kick the bucket. I adore squirrels and don't mind feeding them. Your little finch is very sweet. Good to hear your dog is feeling much better.

  10. Bonny, I could hardly wait to stop by and see what you have found this week! Yes, I am so excited for the "gentle caress of the sun on my face" as the snow melts here and spring temperatures are on the way. Thank you for linking back to your post about the flower press - I'd like to try this. Lenten roses are one of my very favorite flowers (though I usually have to lie down on my back and get under the blossoms for the best view).

    I love Emi's costume and can-do spirit toward playing the role. He is already realizing the importance of collaboration and developing an attitude of humility. So glad to hear the Wonder Dog is on the mend. And I suspect another Slinky Paws will be on his way to compete for bird seed. The sweet little goldfinch - great photograph. Our finches love black oil sunflower seeds. We have to fill the feeders every day (and sometimes twice)! Lately, we've seen lots of woodpeckers and two families of Bluebirds, too.

    Thanks for the suggestion to visit Nancy and the Rural Journal. I'll pop over to say Hi. Have a lovely weekend, Donna

  11. Love the costume, I could never be on stage, not as a girl nor now at 65... kudos for those who can!

  12. Squirrels were our nemesis for bird feeders too. Your boy is brave indeed for taking on a female role...something older boys can't do as their voices would give them away. Your pressed flowers are so pretty!