Thursday, 12 November 2015

An unseasonably warm November ...

It's been a funny old autumn with very little cold and frost. I know I shouldn't complain, and I'm not, but it still feels a bit strange not to have the big coats out of the closet and in active service. My brain tells me every morning to put on more clothes than I need to. Last Friday night I went out with my cousin Clare for dinner. She arrived ... wearing a blouse ... with no woolly cover-up. Admittedly they breed us tough over in Ireland, but even so, that's not proper going-out-for-the-night-in-November attire.

Still, looking on the bright side it means that these guys can still enjoy their daily bread al fresco. I'd hate to be a cow who had to spend all winter in a barn with a hundred other messy cows ...

  ... and the trees get to wear their leaves for rather longer than normal.

And in my garden I've still got some roses that are resolutely carrying on with their wonderful rosy displays.

There's even an upside for the Wonder Dog who's getting way more long walks than normal for the time of year, and who doesn't have to shiver too much after his last trip to the doggy beauty parlour. We're all thankful that his Christmas Jumper hasn't had to be called into early service.

And how do you feel about giving winter storms names? I'm slightly star-struck by Abigail, who's supposed to batter us with rain and bring some (temporary) cold weather later today. She sounds like a bit of a celeb, what with her special mentions on the news and everything. My guess is that if we're to be on first name terms with our winter storms we'll take more notice of them. Had Abigail just been anonymous I don't think I'd be mentioning the forecast at all ... .

All the best for now,

 Bonny x


  1. Looks like your November has been quite pleasant. Ours has been cool and rainy but not terribly cold. We cut the roses back though because if it did freeze (and it eventually will) we wanted to be ready for it unlike last year when I cut them back and we got a cold snap a day or two later. I lost several bushes due to cutting them and having it freeze right away. - Your dog is just adorably cute.

  2. Our November here in Ohio has been quite warm also. My flip flops are still by the front door. (But I do tend to wear them longer than most people.) I actually got hot the last time I raked leaves out of my front yard. Usually we have our winter coats out by this time too. I think this week is our last warm week and then we will have the normal cold spell for winter. Enjoy your weather!