Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year, New Wool ...

It's turned a bit chillier here on the Costa Brava. The blue skies have gone, and in their place are leaden clouds and unkind sea breezes. Luckily we've not had to venture out very far, and have been cosily tucked up in front of the fire watching movies.

I've been road-testing a beautiful collection of hand-dyed merino wool. It starts out white, and they add dashes of dye until it's got a wonderful Jackson Pollock thing going on with depths and layers of colour. At first I thought that the multiple colour-way might be a distraction from the Aran stitch-work, but, now that I see it knit up, I like the look. What do you think?

Multi-coloured wool has the advantage of opening up all sorts of colour-matching/ clashing possibilities that a straight one-colour blend just doesn't touch.

Next up is this wonderful blue merino that may well be destined to keep some of the little people in my life warm.

I've also got some bamboo yarn, but with the chilly weather I can't quite get it onto my needles. I'm craving the squidgy, warm comfort of the merino wool. But this stuff has great potential for later in the springtime when things start to heat up again.

I seem to be really into ombré at the moment. All my yarn choices have more than one colour blending into another - well, all with the exception of this icy blue bamboo, which would look wonderful worn over a dazzling white shirt.

So how's your yarn stash shaping up for 2016? Do you enjoy imagining all the creative possibilities that it might deliver in the stitch-tastic months to come?

All the best for now and happy knitting,

Bonny x


  1. Love that cable pattern, it's definitely going to keep you snug. I like the self patterning multi coloured work, but somehow I always prefer it before it's knitted up.

    1. Thank, Stephanie. I know what you mean: sometimes the promise is better than the finished texture. All the best, Bonny