Thursday, 24 August 2017

Lazy summer days ...

I LOVE summer. Totally, utterly and absolutely! It's the best time of the year by far.

 We've got into the rhythm of summer living. Emi is having a ball on the high seas, sailing every day in his little Open Bic, which is really a surf board with a sail and a boom. We play lots of tennis at the tennis club. In my case I play Padel, which is a variation on lawn tennis played on a smaller, walled court with a hard racket. I have classes with a lovely coach, who has more patience than the prophet Job. The WonderDog is out and about all the time. In truth he enjoys more walks than he really wants to go on. He's developed a strong preference for snoozing on the cold marble floor under the sofa on especially hot afternoons.

We go to our favourite beach, the Platja de Fonollera, whenever we can. The great thing about this beach is that there's a lovely part, where the River Ter enters the sea that dogs are allowed to enjoy too. The WonderDog is not totally sold on the idea of going swimming. He's got a strong preference for keeping his paws nice and dry, but he's quite happy to sit under his parasol, sipping from his water bowl and digging the odd hole in the sand as the mood takes him.

Emi, on the other hand, is a bit of a fish. He loves the water. And this summer his greatest discovery has been this amazing snorkelling mask. He's always been keen on snorkelling, and the water-proof seal around this full-face mask has only added to the pleasure of the experience. He's got a little hook on the front where he can attach his Go-pro, so he's been busy making movies of the amazing world below the waves. 

I'm not sure what the local population of grey flamingos have made of the whole business, but they've been cautious about keeping their distance ... 

I'm finding it hard to get any knitting done. I've got a lovely bamboo project on the needles, but I just keep getting distracted. 

I have managed to finish this buzzy bee in half cross stitch. He's been fun to work on. If I can ever manage to get my sewing machine set up and threaded I'll turn him into a pin-cushion. 

Mr B's Tia Emi from Alicante brought me this beautiful hibiscus last weekend. I'm planning on taking him to London with me at the end of the summer as he won't survive here with no one to take care of him, and I think he'd look rather lush on my terrace over there.

Anyway, all the best for now,

Bonny x


  1. It sure sounds like you are enjoying your summer, and that Emi is, too. that is always good.

  2. Beautiful photos and a beautiful beach, Bonnie. I love summer, too. Kisses, my friend.

  3. Emi does seem to be having a grand time in the water. I think I'd be where the dog is (since I can't swim) - You live in quite a lovely area. That 2nd shot was so pretty.