Thursday 1 February 2018

Blue Moon ... Super Moon

Last time we had a super moon - a few weeks' ago - I bemoaned the cloud cover. It was supposed to be a totally spectacular thing, but, here in London, we had one hundred per cent cloud cover, so it was an epic fail. We saw nothing - a big fat nada.

But last night the weather in London was perfect for moon gazing.  Emi raised his head from his homework at about half past six and said Whaow! Look at the moon. We raced outside, and there, suspended low in the eastern sky, was the most splendid big fat moon. It looked amazing against the blue darkness of the London skyline.

I trotted off into the streets clutching my camera only to discover what an insufferable nuisance light pollution is when you're trying to photograph a Super Moon. I got some whacky photos that appeared to show a line of super moons in the sky as street lamps got into my field of vision at awkward angles.

Huffing and puffing I made my way to one of the darker places in the neighbourhood: St Mary's Churchyard, but even there they had street lamps and floodlights that made the most of the beautiful profile of the church. But, for someone on a mission to photograph the Super Moon, it was all a bit exasperating. Still I suppose it was better to be exasperated than to get mugged in a dark corner of the churchyard.

All the best for now,

Bonny x

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