Friday, 28 December 2018

Farewell to 2018!

I've not been around much in Blogland recently.  I've been busy with other real-world business, with some travelling and with much seasonal merry-making.

Yesterday on the way out of Dublin Port I was struck by the dramatic low clouds, and the number of people walking along the breakwater. From the distance and the elevation of the car ferry's deck they looked like an army of ants marching off an excess of roast turkey and plum pudding.

After several days of feasting, story-telling and catching up with family and friends, I'm feeling restless. I can only stay indoors for so long before I start to get twitchy. Normally my parents are enthusiastic dog-walkers, but this Christmas the weather felt a bit too grey and drab to drag them out of their nice warm house. As a result of all that time spent inside I was delighted in being able to enjoy some fresh air and take in the views on the outside deck of the car ferry coming home. Normally it's a bit too windy, and, as I'm a  lousy sailor, I tend to cling to my seat indoors and focus all my energy on not being sea-sick. But yesterday the waves were somewhere else and the Irish Sea was behaving like bathwater - albeit very cold, grey and thoroughly uninviting bathwater. 

And, whilst we had very mild weather, the light in these photos is typical of how it was for Christmas 2018 in our little corner of Ireland: very moody and dramatic.

Anyway I hope you've had a fabulous Christmas, and I wish you all the very best for a happy and creative 2019,

Bonny x

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