Monday 10 February 2014

Chelsea Physic Garden and the Snowdrop Parade

Today I took a trip to the Chelsea Physic Garden, which is an old favourite of mine. I'm keen on using plants and natural remedies when I can, and so I find the history of this garden irresistible. It was founded way back in 1673 by the Society of Apothecaries so that their apprentices could learn how to cultivate and use medicinal plants. Back then it was surrounded by market gardens and orchards, taking advantage of the south facing aspect, the free-draining soil and the easy access via the river to the City of London.

They still have lots of useful medicinal plants, but this morning pride of place was being given to the Snowdrop Parade. Right now they have over 100 varieties of Galanthus (that's the la dee da botanical name for the snowdrop) blooming around the garden in drifts and clusters and pots. My very favourite of all has to be the Galanthus Grumpy, if only for sounding like it has an even worse case of Seasonal Affective Disorder than I do! Here it is, the Galanthus Grumpy, in the Snowdrop Theatre:

There's a lovely woodland walk along the embankment with snowdrops blossoming all around.

And this morning there were lots of other things in bloom as well: harbingers of better, brighter days to come. Check out old Sir Hans Sloane surrounded by a multitude of spring-time gorgeousness:

Want a close up of the great man's plinth?

Thought you might! Feast your eyes on all this multi-coloured loveliness: 

Now savour the intensity of blue in these dwarf irises: 

Lovely, eh?

And then there are the very pretty Hellebores. How I love the Hellebores at this time of the year!

And the humble catkin? Let's hear it for the lambs' tails!

And the flowering currant (I've given up on the la dee da botanical names - they just don't trip off my tongue):

And what do you know, before I came home the sun came out to make me really believe that spring might be just around the corner after all.

The Physic Garden will be open daily from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. for snowdrop viewing until 16th February.

Happy Monday Peeps!

Bonny x

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