Monday 28 April 2014

Lucky Monday ...

Today I'm feeling very lucky, and it's all to do with technology. Normally technology and I enjoy a slightly fractious relationship, but not today. Today we are oscillating in perfect harmony, me and my technology.

Want to know what happened?

Well it all kicked off because I didn't frisk the pockets of my jeans very carefully before I did the laundry on Saturday. As a result, when I opened the washing machine door, the remote control for my camera tumbled into my laundry basket along with all the other soggy items that had just been through the spin cycle. Eeeek! I scooped it up feeling certain that it's next port of call would be the recycling bin, but then something made me pause and give it one last chance. I thought I'd let it sit on a shelf above a radiator to dry out ... just in case.

I wasn't holding out much hope. I spent all Sunday in denial, not mentioning what had happened to anyone. It's the sort of thing that my husband loves to take the Mickey over, but I held my peace, and didn't draw attention to what had happened to my little gizmo.

Then this morning, as I was doing a tidy-up, I thought I'd give it one last chance and see if it worked. I fired up the camera, pointed my remote control, pushed the button, and held my breath. Without any hesitation the autofocus whirred into action, the flash bulb lit up and the shutter clicked.

What a little treasure! It had survived the spin cycle!

Now that I'm on a roll, I think I'll go and buy a lottery ticket ... .

Happy Monday!

Bonny x

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