Saturday, 16 January 2016

Moonlit London by the Thames ...

The weather in London has finally turned wintery, and the very best sort of wintery at that: cold and crisp with blues skies that make the spirits soar. Sadly we were unable to go out and make the most of it yesterday. I had a towering mountain of work, and a series of meetings that kept me indoors all day.

Finally night fell, and I had to take Emi to swim club. Normally I bring a book or some work, and sit around with the other parents waiting for our kids to do their stuff. But last night I brought the Wonder Dog, left the child with his chums and tore off to the river. It was wonderful. Exhilarating. Joggers jogged by; a few revellers hung around the riverside watering holes having a sneaky smoke outdoors. And apart from that it was just my faithful hound, the moonlight, the river and me. An amazing moment stolen from my normal routine.

The river is my favourite part of London. It's been here since the very beginning and it's guaranteed to outlast us all. At night it sparkles with the refections of the city's lights across the waters. With all the surrounding light it's virtually impossible to see the stars, but those bobbing reflections almost make up for that short-coming.

Anyway a 50 minute power-walk later and we were back in time to hoover Emi up and take him home for his supper. Isn't it grand when you can carve an hour away from your work-a-day routine to do something that truly makes your heart sing?

All the best for now,

Bonny x


  1. Oh, that just sounds like a wonderful, lovely hour. and I love that pic.