Wednesday 3 August 2016

Bed time bunnies ...

One of our favourite things to do when we're down in Devon is to pull some lawn chairs just round the gable wall of the house so that we can sit quietly and watch the rabbits play in the meadow. They seem to come out just before darkness falls to graze and chase each other in the cool of the evening.

They are so very timid. If there's any sound at all they'll scamper, so we have to leave the WonderDog indoors as he'd totally give the game away. And even then if we speak in whispers they still hear us and scamper off into the long grass. As a result we'll sit in the good-natured silence of a shared endeavour. It's strangely peaceful to be still with the people you love on a quiet summer night without uttering a syllable. Normally we talk a lot, but relieved of the burden of conversation we relax into the serious business of watching the rabbits.

It feels magical to sit there in the twilight as they do their quiet bit rabbiting, unaware that they're being watched. The light makes photography a bit of a challenge, but I guess you can't have everything.

And there's usually one of them who'll sit up straight whilst the others munch to keep an eye out for danger.

We seem to have ever such a lot of them this year, so maybe there's not as much danger around as is normally the case. In places the banks resemble Swiss cheeses with great gaping holes everywhere, and little shallow hollows where some baby bunny has started to dig and then given it up as way too hard.

Emi thinks they're great and has secret plans to kidnap a few to smuggle back to London and keep as pets behind the too-small/ needs mending pile on the floor of his wardrobe. I'm not sure that the WonderDog would be on the same page with regard to a few long-eared interlopers moving in. I've got a feeling that he'd take umbrage if any further furry friends joined our little circle.

But in the quiet of a perfect Devonshire evening, as night comes dropping slowly, it's easy to believe that just about anything is possible ...

... especially when a red glow in the sky promises a good day tomorrow.

All the best for now,

Bonny x

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