Friday 24 February 2017

The quiet after Storm Doris ...

Yesterday we really had to batten down the hatches and lie low while Storm Doris passed through town. She was a bit of a hell-raiser, old Doris. Normally I find windy days rather exhilarating, but Doris was on another level.

After the school run I normally take the WonderDog for a run in the park. Yesterday the sky was that steel grey colour that always comes before rain, and I decided to give it a miss. The WonderDog came into the kitchen with a hurt expression on his little doggy face, but within 2 minutes the heavens opened. I offered him an open door to the back garden, which he shrugged his shoulders at and immediately thought the better of his sulk.

Then this morning, in a moment of perfect blue-sky calm, we went for our usual jaunt around Walpole Park, and this is what we saw :

I'm so glad that I wasn't under that tree when Doris split it in half.

Today Ealing is littered with blown down branches - some of them frighteningly substantial, and the odd dislodged brick 😳. Staying indoors yesterday was definitely the right call!

But in the midst of all that airborne flotsam and jetsam there are some welcome signs of spring. Walpole Park is sprouting little pools of brilliant colour where the crocus are peeping through and blooming.

And back at home I'm really happy to see my hellebores back in fine fettle. They'd been looking very peaky all through the winter, but they seem to have recovered their vigour in time for spring.

And the silver lining to all that hiding away indoors? Well I've got loads done on my latest project.

Stay safe and have a great weekend,

Bonny x

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