Sunday 3 September 2017

Alien Invasion

This morning we woke up to an alien invasion. Sunny Sant Feliu has been overrun by brown jellyfish - medusas, as they're known in this part of the world. Emi assures me that they're not too bad. For one thing they don't sting as much as the white ones do - or so he tells me.

We normally see an assortment of jellyfish here as the summer draws to a close. The sea warms up like a great big radiator, and, as its temperature rises, these aliens from the south venture north. To me they're beautiful in a strange balletic sort of way, but I have no inclination to share the water with them. On jellyfish days I make a point of staying safe and dry on terra firma.

These are all shots that I took from the sanctuary of the harbour wall on my morning dog-walk. The WonderDog was baffled by my interest in the water. I could see him puzzling over what she could possibly be watching with such fascination, but he went with the flow and lay at my heels whilst I snapped away.

Shoals of little fish darted around the interlopers. Occasionally a jellyfish broke the surface, and bobbed around like a gelatinous water lily as its body plasma ebbed and flowed with the waves.

So, there they are, and that's my little quotient of weirdness satisfied for today!

Happy Sunday and all the best for now,

Bonny x


  1. Beautiful photos of the medusa, Bonny. They are also in Greece! Kisses, my friend.

  2. They do look as if they are alien creatures but they are also quite cool and fascinating. I don't think I would want to get stung by one though.

  3. They are amazing...I would be like you and stay well away from the water!

  4. I'm with you on viewing from the saftey of the harbour wall! Great photos. Marie x