Friday 29 September 2017

Just hanging in there ...

Happy Friday!

I'd like to share a fun shot that Mr B sent me yesterday. This was the scene outside his window whilst he was eating lunch at his desk down in Canary Wharf:

I'm not bothered by heights. I used to be a mountaineer back in my salad days, but even an old mountain goat like me would be a tad fazed to have lunch dangling from a rope several stories high over Canada Square.  I mean just think what would happen if you leaned too far back in your chair ...

All the best for the weekend!

Bonny x


  1. This photo is so funny, Bonny. I would never sit in that chain! I am sooooo afraid! Ha ha! Kisses, my friend.

  2. I would rather have my lunch with my feet firmly on the ground! Enjoy your weekend. Marie x