Tuesday 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween!

A very Happy Halloween from sun-kissed Catalonia.

Today Emi has been busy carving pumpkins. The above beauties are all his own handiwork. I should explain that the chap in the centre has just been violently ill, and as a result his innards have been vomited onto an obliging sheet of kitchen paper. The sad fellow on the right has an eyeball dangling out of its socket, whilst his friend on the left has some random stickers that used to spell out welcome - as in ... welcome to the Bates hotel ... or one of the outer circles of Hell.

It's nice to see that the young chap has a suitably ghoulish imagination. I found him searching around on Pinterest and Google images for inspiration.

It's been a busy week here in the Catalan heartlands. No doubt you've been reading about us in the news reports. This is not a political blog, and I make a point of never making a political point, but I will say this: I'm deeply grateful that the good people of the region have kept cool heads and comported themselves with such dignity and self-control. Protest marches, for and against independence, have taken place with all the generosity of spirit and goodwill of a carnival. The Catalan people are awesome, and I wish them the leaders they deserve, who will match their courage and integrity.

I'm also deeply grateful to my sock-knitting guests of last week. We had a merry old time knitting ankle socks, using the hand-dyed yarn that I wrote about in my last post. Thank you for being such great sports.

We used my pattern, which you can find here: Super-easy snuggle socks. Although we changed the toe to give everyone some practice doing Kitchener seams, and we also did reinforced heels by knitting the heel flap in knit, slip 1 rib every other row.

When I'm out here I love to go hiking. We've got such a great coastline, that's easily accessible via the Cami de Ronda. I find that ankle socks work best with my hiking shoes. Even at this time of the year it's just too hot for full-length socks.

So ghoulish greetings and all the best for now,

Bonny x


  1. Hi, Bonny. Happy Halloween! How great pumpkins! Emi is very talented! And I lllllove your knitted socks. The hand-dyed yarn is amazing! Yes, they match with your hiking shoes! Kisses, my friend.

  2. Hi, Bonny. I am coming again to tell you that if you want to participate to my birthday candy, please visit my blog again and leave a comment under the post "Birthday candy". Kisses, my friend.

  3. Emi sounds resourceful! I like the pumpkins!....and I like your ankle socks.

  4. Finally catching up on some blogs. Your son's pumpkins were wonderful. The vomiting one was gross but cool.