Sunday 11 April 2021

Things that rocked my world this week ...

 This week I've been struggling with the cold weather. I want to spend my days outside, but it's just too cold. I've got a jungle of tomato plants that are crowding my conservatory, and I'm so proud of my baby pelargoniums. Back in February I pruned back the leggy plants that had over-wintered, planted up the cuttings and - hey presto - I've got loads of baby plants. 

Sock Knitting, Lace Knitting,

I love this sock wool by West Yorkshire Spinners. It's called Robin, and knits up beautifully, making it look as though I've been doing some really involved stripes. I think they've got a whole suite of ornithologically inspired colourways. 

I'm working on a new lace pattern. It's a mind-clearing thing. I sit down, with lots of light and the pattern chart and just live in the moment: stitch by stitch to the end of the row. Lots of times I don't make it, and have to go ripping back to the beginning again. You'll see that I've taken the precaution of putting in lots of life lines. In fact every pattern repeat, I put in a lifeline with the result that it's looking a bit like a rag rug than a lace scarf. It's getting easier, but I really have to concentrate. No box sets or half-awake slouching on the sofa with this one! 

Earlier in the year I treated myself to a new sewing machine - a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, and it's a total dream. I've been busy making summer things with all the fabric in my stash. Just a smidgeon of sunshine, and I'll be hot to trot. And next week there's the seductive promise of all my favourite fabric shops on the Goldhawk Road being open for business again. Go me!

Left-overs are a bit of an obsession , so I've really enjoyed making project bags out of off-cuts. These ones were made using dinner plates, and carving plates as circle templates, bisecting the circles to produce semis, and then adding a 5cm flange for the ribbon pull. Simples! I went a bit nuts with contrasting linings, hessian ribbons and beads just to finish off the look. 

Sewing with off-cuts

And then, of course, there's my wingman, the WonderDog, who is a constant presence by my side. He's looking particularly earnest in this shot as he's trying to get me to focus on the fact that it's teatime, and tea time means he gets a biscuit.


And, here's something left field: I went for a walk last Sunday, and spied this perfect green door in lovely West Wycombe. It's a strange thing, but that particular hue of green against the red of the old brickwork in the bright sunshine of Easter Sunday seemed pretty perfect to me. All I needed was a coffee shop with a good cortado and some comfy alfresco seating. 

West Wycombe

Anyway: Happy Sunday! 

Wishing you sunshine and perfect roast coffee,

Bonny x

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