Thursday 27 March 2014

Waiting for the mail man .... and wrapping Easter presents ...

Today I'm waiting on the mail man. My son, Emi, is due a new passport, and we can't get started on our Easter holidays without it. The plan was to go home to Spain and spend some time with my husband's family, but we forgot to check little Em's passport until it was time to think about booking the tickets. And so here I am, waiting, waiting, waiting ... .

Emi always exchanges gifts with his Spanish cousins and amigitos when we meet up. We never post things. As a result we didn't do Christmas presents  (we weren't there for Christmas), but now we're firing to go on Easter presents. When you're a little person it's a good thing not to have all your presents at the same time, don't you think? Better to spread the present-tastic happiness across the year a bit more, a bit like getting an even slather of butter across your toast in the morning.

Anyway I'm wrapping Easter presents to pass the time. I've hit upon a scheme of using jazzed-up plain brown paper, decorated with ribbon and stickers from the children's craft section of a local discount store. All cheap-as-chips, but rather a fun result, don't you think? I'm sure that the younger members of our clan will enjoy unwrapping the wrapping!

Instead of using sticky tape, I've used the children's stickers, and then prettified the package with strands of double pastel ribbon, tied in a standard bow that will open when someone pulls the ends - I hate it when the wrapping can only be only be penetrated with the aid of scissors and a carving knife!

Not bad, not bad at all, ... even though I say so myself.

Now where has that passport got to ????

Bonny x


  1. I like the idea of doing smaller presents on multiple holidays. Having worked in retail stores for a few years, I hate the dramatic, stressful build-up that goes with creating the perfect Christmas scene and buying all the perfect extravagant gifts.

    1. Me too, Robin! I hate that elbows-out push in the shops for those last few gifts just before Christmas, and I can't imagine that it's much fun for the folk who work on the other side of the counter either. All the best, Bonny