Thursday 13 November 2014

Label-tastic: how to make your own sticky labels ...

Maxi the Wonder Dog and I are confined to barracks this morning waiting ... waiting ... and then waiting some more for the delivery man. Of course he's guaranteed to show up five minutes after we set off on the school run.

We've been whiling away the time playing with a couple of lovely new gizmos that the slow-footed delivery man dropped off with us a couple of days' ago.

You see this label-making fixation of mine all started when I couldn't find any ready-made labels for my Cardamon & Clementine Marmalade. I looked in all the shops but couldn't score anything better than a plain rectangular number with a few cheesy, but unidentifiable, flowers and just enough space to write Clem M'lade. I was very underwhelmed.

Anyway here are my new toys:

The white gizmo is a label punch by Martha Stewart. You just push a piece of paper in, pull down the lever and - bingo - you've got a lovely label shape. The X-shaped purple number is a Xyron Sticker Maker, a wonderful bit of kit that puts the sticky backing on your label once you've punched it and written it and made it as pretty as you possibly can. And together this dynamic duo have blitzed a way through my cheesy-boring-labels issue.

Ok, Ok, I'll admit that I haven't found a way to bring peace to the Middle East, or a cure for cancer, but I'm very happy with what we've done with our crayons and gizmos during this morning's play session. 

We made some more labels for the Epsom Salts Bath Bombs that we knocked out earlier in the week.

We found a snazzy white gel pen, which produced a lovely chalk-on-a-blackboard type of effect when we used it on coloured paper. I tried rubbing a bit of chalk over one or two of the labels to add even more chalky authenticity.

And then we had a go at parcelling up the bath bombs in plastic cake bags, tying on some ribbon and finally adding our lovely labels. Now who wouldn't be delighted to get a little pressie of lavender-scented loveliness like this?

I parcelled each bath bomb up like a boiled sweet with some baking parchment to keep all that wonderful smelliness intact and to help protect them from chipping as they're carried.

And then we moved the focus of our campaign back to the marmalade.

What do you think? Have I got the label crooked? 

The grand master plan is to make up a few hampers of home-made goodies for some friends and family, who like that kind of thing, so the labels are a big plus in the presentation stakes.

And, finally, here's Maxi the Wonder Dog doing quality control. He's all hunched over, squinting to see that I've spelt Marmalade correctly. He's a very clever little chap, the Wonder Dog.

Hope you're having fun too!

All the best,

Bonny x


  1. I've made bath salt, but never tried to make a bath bomb before. Seems quite cool, thanks for the recipe. :)
    The labels goes so well with your exquisite handmade gifts. It's always lovely to get something homemade for the holidays. I can't believe there are only 40 days till Christmas!
    Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead, Bonny. :)

    1. Thank you, Kia. They're all really easy to make. My goodness, 40 days! You've got my attention with that one. Yikes! All the best and thanks for stopping by, Bonny

    2. Yep, and I still have to start my shopping. Ouch! Enjoy your day, and give cute Maxi a cuddle for me, such a sweet face! :)

    3. Me too! And it's been raining cats and dogs down here so there's not much enthusiasm to leave the house. Thank you. Enjoy your weekend! All the best, Bonny