Tuesday 14 June 2016

Fledgelings fleeing the nest ...

My goodness it's been a strange few days over here at Talk-a-Lot Towers. It feels like Emi, age 10, has grown up and moved out. He and Mr B were off for a fathers and sons' camping trip with the rest of the gang from school last weekend, and then, yesterday, he headed off on his school trip to York - not returning until Thursday night. He's an independent little soul, and I have no doubt that he's having a whale of a time, but the rhythm of life here at home has changed. A lot.

Home is upside down and such a mess that I'd prefer to be living elsewhere. We've had the builders in, and, as is always the case with building work, it's taking much longer than expected due to all manner of unforeseen hiccups and complications. So we're stuck with jumbled up, everything everywhere, and nothing-in-its-place living arrangements for at least another week <sob>.

Out in the garden - to which I escape at every opportunity - there are lots of sweet fledgelings, who, like Emi, are spreading their wings and exploring the world beyond their nests. Look at this adorable little robin who's still lacking his lovely red bib.  And I'm so happy that he's after the monster slugs who live in my garden and eat my lupins. Have you noticed how slugs love lupins?

Or how about this sweet little goldfinch, who's still got to grow up and get his big-boy goldfinch head-markings?

He's been quite a few times to eat niger seed, just outside my kitchen window. He's a greedy little man.

The other birds all flew away when Slinky Paws, our kleptomaniac squirrel scampered by, but this little guy stayed put and made the most of his big eating opportunity.

Just outside the door to my kitchen a family of Great Tits have set up home. They don't much like my parasol - or rainy day umbrella, as it's been more frequently used recently. I haven't seen any little heads looking out at me yet, but mum and dad are very attentive to whatever's brooding in there.

So here's to fledgelings everywhere. It's a really special time of the year for them all.

All the best for now,

Bonny x

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