Sunday 19 June 2016

Slinky 2: Bonny 0

Having been totally defeated by Slinky Paws in round 1 I was beginning to feel that I’d got the peanut situation back under control. There hadn't been a raid in at least a fortnight, which is pretty impressive around here.  I'd finally got the feeder safely anchored to the tree with lots and lots of wire. Parakeets had come and gone. Slinky Paws and his mates had swept through, and everything seemed to be going just fine. 

They're mine! All mine!

But then yesterday afternoon we came back to this: (not so very many) peanuts on the grass and the chewed-off bottom of the container lying beside them. I was not there to witness how it happened, but, if I had to put my money on naming the felon, Slinky Paws would be in the crosswire of my accusation.

And, looking more carefully at some of my earlier photos, I think I’ve photographed the little villain red-pawed in the process of chewing away the stays that held the bottom of the container in place. At the time I’d thought he was just looking cute in mid nut-orgy. But now the $64,000 question that is giving me pause for thought is whether or not this was part of a long-term, thought-out strategy on the part of the Slinkster. What do you reckon? Do you think he'd thought this one through, and spent his spare time working to a  master plan?

Whatever the way of it there's no question: I’m looking at a two nil defeat to the Slinkster.

I've got this baby wired!

All the best for now,

Bonny x